About Us

We build machines that align with human intelligence.

The key to our (and your) success is understanding our client and translating the technical ideation and building process into human language, where we shape it into one consumable solution.

Our versatile, driven team of technical designers, engineers, programmers, developers and mechanical constructors makes Jans Automation a one-stop partner for your small, mid-size or large industrial projects. 

We build trust.

Smart Engineering

Meaning, we don’t have to re-invent the machine. Obviously we customize all our solutions up to the demand of the client, but also use smart existing technologies and hardware to integrate in your masterpiece to make it affordable for almost any company.


Our team goes for nothing but gold. We don’t compete, we co-operate with our competitors. That’s why Jans Automation can always offer a solution for your project’s needs, regardless of the size and difficulty. 

Crossing Borders

We’re a Belgium based company and have a lot of clients there, but borders are frequently crossed. We have worked for companies in Servia, Ukraine, Egypt, Canada, Norway, UK,… But also more local countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands,…

Our partners.

The trustworthy people we work with to expand our company’s services on a daily base.

Our main investment.

Of course we need top notch materials, computers, software and all other physical items to run our company fluently but our main investment lies in the people behind it. 

We strongly believe that our people are our ambassadors, co-developing and extending the Jans Automation DNA. This also enriches the service level towards our clients and their experience.

Interested in a career at Jans Automation?

Want to pitch your project?

We are curious to hear about your ideas and/or needs for your company’s next innovation or automation. 


A carreer at Jans Automation.

Ready for a new challenge, a place where you can add your technical qualities and creativity? We might have an open spot for you.

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  Industrieweg 1, 3720 Kortessem