Automation creates innovation.

We invent, create and implement technical solutions for industrial innovators.

Industrial Automation

Machine Building is used to automate and optimize your production process. We provide complete service from conceptual and technical design up until installation. 

Smart Robotics

The power of robotics is an added value for almost any modern industrial company. We fully implement smart hardware to your existing or new application.

After Service

Measuring results and optimizing them frequently stretches the lifecycle of a machine and it’s technical accuracy. We monitor and maintain.

A short introduction

At Jans Automation we go beyond technical agility.

The company was founded and is still led by Stef Jans, an experienced Belgian engineer, entrepreneur and in most cases still your main contact when cooperating with our company.

Although Jans Automation has experienced significant growth throughout the last couple of years, we guarantee a personal service with creative and innovative solutions for every client’s needs.


Technical solutions to increase and optimize production.

We excel in machine building and (3D) design/simulation, advanced robotics, machine vision, control panels, PLC & HMI programming and allround engineering support.

We also provide digital and on-site maintenance to monitor your solution and improve the ongoing process and/or production. 

Excellent service!


Mark P. – Production Manager

It’s amazing to see an industrial machine evolve from concept to functional addition to the workspace. Thanks for the great work. 

We are here to provide a fresh perspective. Ready to work with us?

We build machines that align with human intelligence.

The key to our (and your) success is understanding our client and translating the technical ideation and building process into human language, where we shape it into one consumable solution.

Our versatile, driven team of technical designers, engineers, programmers, developers and mechanical constructors makes Jans Automation a one-stop partner for your small, mid-size or large industrial projects. 

Latest updates

Here you can follow our latest updates. 

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